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ZIKA-PREP is a shared WP between all three EU-funded ZIKV consortia that aims to establish a Latin-American and Caribbean network for emerging infectious diseases preparedness and response (REDe), with the specific objectives of:

  • 1) Establishing a regional network of excellence for research that shared knowledge, expertise and provides local support and training when and where needed
  • 2) Collaboration with regional and international networks to leverage synergies, share knowledge and identify and address regulatory bottlenecks
  • 3) Leveraging input and data from peer networks and research databases with the aim to speed up evidence generation and improve research efficiencies
  • 4) Developing a sustainability plan that will allow the network to continue beyond the funding period.

This WP is led by the University of Oxford. The map below shows the distribution of partners in this network.


Specific tasks in this WP include; creation of core preparedness structures, capacity building, educational activity review and development, training of reciprocal clinical monitoring network and the laboratory diagnostics EQA platform, shared online/distance learning modules and regional workshops, promotion of community engagement and creating a collaboration mechanism for external networks.