WP1 ZIKA-VT - Zika

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ZIKA-VT aims to conduct prospective cohort studies in South and Central America and the Caribbean in order to assess:

  • 1) Association between ZIKV infection in pregnancy and adverse pregnancy and fetal/infant outcomes
  • 2) Risk of vertical transmission of ZIKV by gestational age at different time points during pregnancy and by maternal, infant and viral factors
  • 3) Incidence of ZIKV infection in pregnancy, as well as risk factors and clinical presentation.

WP1 is led by the University of the West Indies  and co-led by University College, London.

The figure below shows the flow of subjects involved in these studies. Pregnant women will be recruited from sites in Jamaica, Haiti, Brazil and Costa Rica.


Specific tasks in this WP include; study staff training, enrolment into studies, maternal clinical follow-up, prospective vertical transmission study, laboratory testing and biobanking and statistical analysis.