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ZIKA-PED aims to conduct prospective cohort studies among children with congenital and postnatally acquired ZIKV infection in Central and South America and the Caribbean to assess:

  • 1) Clinical forms and natural history of these infections
  • 2) Incidence of neurological disorders in first two years of life
  • 3) Feasibility of long-term follow-up of these children for monitoring of late sequelae.

WP2 is led by Irmandade da Santa Casa de Misericordia de Sao Paulo and co-led Institut Catala de la Salut.

The figure below shows the flow of subjects involved in these studies. Infants born to mothers participating in ZIKA-VT studies will be included, as well as children who present with ZIKV infection at hospitals in both ZIKV endemic and non-endemic areas.



Specific tasks in this WP include; study staff training, enrolment into studies, clinical developmental follow-up of children with both congenital and postnatally acquired ZIKV infection, statistical analysis and assessment of feasibility of long-term follow-up.