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The ZIKAction consortium shares some activities and governance structures with the two other Zika virus consortia funded by the European Commission.

The diagram below illustrates the structure of this collaboration, including three shared work packages in green (WP6 ZIKA-COLLAB, WP7 ZIKA-SYN, and WP8 ZIKA-PREP) and cross-consortia, content-specific working groups, the first on diagnostics and pathophysiology, in red.





The three joint management structures in light blue include:

  1. Communication Oversight Board (COB) with representatives from each consortium tasked with creating a Communication Harmonization Plan governing the review and approval of all external communications for all consortia,
  2. Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) composed of external experts in relevant areas who will advise all three consortia on project implementation and outputs, and
  3. Ethics Advisory Committee (EAC) of external experts on ethical and regulatory issues who will review and advise on studies in animals, human tissues, pregnant women and children in all three consortia.

In addition to these shared management bodies, ZIKAction has its own governance structure, shown in the figure below.


The General Assembly (GA) is composed of the project and scientific coordinators of ZIKAction, as well as representatives from each partner with decision-making authority, and fills a strategic role in the project. This body meets once a year and is regularly informed on study progress by the project Steering Committee (SC). This SC, made up of all WP leads and project and scientific coordinators, will coordinate project activities, taking into account input from the GA and joint SAB and EAB. Operational support will be provided by the Project Management Office (PMO), a dedicated team of project managers charged with daily project operations, risk management, and coordination of administrative, contractual and financial activities.