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ZIKAction, ZIKAlliance and ZikaPLAN, the three projects funded by the European Commission under this call, shared some activities to harmonise their activities and thus maximise their impact. This included: 

Protocols harmonization and data sharing 

  • Harmonization of protocols and standardization of tools for pregnant women and children cohort studies; 
  • Setting up sharing of core data between the three consortia as a proof of concept and creating a roadmap for more extensive data sharing, which has included participation in the WHO individual patient data meta-analysis


Capacity building and preparedness  

University of Oxford led the creation of an online hub, REDe, aimed at knowledge sharing and supporting the establishment of a Latin-American and Caribbean network for emerging infectious diseases preparedness and response. The specific objectives pursued were:  


  • Establishing a regional network of excellence for research that shared knowledge, expertise and provides local support and training when and where needed 
  • Collaboration with regional and international networks to leverage synergies, share knowledge and identify and address regulatory bottlenecks 
  • Leveraging input and data from peer networks and research databases with the aim to speed up evidence generation and improve research efficiencies 
  • Developing a sustainability plan that will allow the network to continue beyond the funding period.