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ZIKA-VID aims to assess immunologic and virologic aspects of ZIKV infection, as well as ZIKV diagnostics, including:

  • 1) Diagnostics for ZIKV infection in pregnancy and childhood
  • 2) Virological/Immunological correlates of vertical transmission and protection
  • 3) Virological/Immunological characteristics of congenital ZIKV infection and how these differ among infants with and without congenital ZIKV disease
  • 4) Differences in virological/immunological characteristics of congenital ZIKV infection among infants presenting with short-term sequelae and not
  • 5) Natural history and virological characteristics of ZIKV infection in a cohort of male patients in relation to potential for sexual transmission.

WP4 is led by Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz, with the University College London co-leading.