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ZikaPLAN (Zika Preparedness Latin American Network) brings together 25 leading research and public health organizations in Latin America, North America, Africa, Asia, and Europe to address the Zika virus outbreak and the many research and public health challenges it poses. Taking a comprehensive approach that encompasses epidemiological surveillance, clinical studies, the development of innovative diagnostic tools and control strategies, in addition to education and knowledge-sharing, the initiative aims to:



  • address the knowledge gaps and needs in the current Zika outbreak to better understand the disease, prevent its spread and educate the affected populations,
  • build a sustainable response capacity in Latin America for Zika and other emerging infectious diseases (EID).

ZikaPLAN has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement number 734584 and works closely with two other European Union-funded consortia, ZIKAction and ZIKAlliance.

For more information visit the ZikaPLAN website