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PEDZIKARED birth cohort study

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In the Spanish PEDZIKARED birth cohort study, 152 children have been followed to assess long-term effects of in utero ZIKV exposure.  


  • Two had Congenital Zika Syndrome, and the rest showed no sequelae, except for two children with severe hearing loss with AABR test. No ophthalmological impairment was observed in this cohort.
  • Most of the mothers originated from the Dominican Republic (26.3%), Honduras (26.3%) and Venezuela (9.9%), and nearly all of them tested also positive for IgG-DENV (93.8%), reflecting previous DENV infections.
  • Total follow-up time was 1829 months for the whole cohort, with a median [IQR] follow-up time of 9 [6-24] months.