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Paediatric clinical and developmental follow up

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In Jamaica follow-up of children born to women enrolled in the prospective ZIKV, DENV and CHIKV vertical transmission studies (see ZIKA-VT activities) was conducted by the paediatric team and research nurses via phone calls to mothers (“tele-clinics”): 137, 126 and 145 infants and children completed their 12-, 18-, and 24-month follow-up visits, respectively. The final developmental assessments were performed with the Ages and Stages Questionnaire for children in follow-up at age 18 months.  


  • Work was carried out on the outcomes of DENV infection in the post-ZIKV era in Jamaica. This resulted in the preparation of a manuscript on “Severe Dengue in hospitalised Jamaican children in 5 different hospitals” which was submitted to Pediatrics journal.  
  • 5-year neuro-developmental outcomes among the small cohort of children with perinatal CHIV, with data collection and manuscript preparation ongoing  

In Haiti data and clinical samples were obtained from high-risk infants as well as healthy control infants at delivery, 4 months, 12 months, and 18months; a cumulative total of 410 visits were reached.