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    Perinatal characteristics and longer-term outcomes in Brazilian children with confirmed or suspected congenital Zika infection: ZIKAction Paediatric Registry

    de Siquiera I.C, de Almeida B.L, Lage MLC, Serra L, Carvalho A,

    de Lima M.M, Góes MDFN, Crispim MDSIN, da Costa Pereira MM,

    Costa BGG, Bailey H, Byrne T, Giaquinto C, Fernandes G, Ruiz-Burga E, & Thorne C

    Published in: Dialogues in Health, 2, 100104

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    SARS-CoV-2 infections in infants in Haiti 2020– 2021; evidence from a seroepidemiological cohort

    Louis R, Pu R, Logan TD, Trimmer-Smith L, Chamblain R,

    Gallagher A, Beau De Rochars V M, Nelson E T,

    Cummings DA, Long MT, & Morris Jr JG

    Published in: PLOS ONE

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    Detection of Potential Arbovirus Infections and Pregnancy Complications in Pregnant Women in Jamaica Using a Smartphone App (ZIKApp): Pilot Evaluation Study

    Ruiz-Burga E, Bruijning-Verhagen P, Palmer P, Sandcroft A,  Fernandes G, de Hoog M, Bryan L, Pierre R, Bailey H, Giaquinto C, Thorne C, Christie CDC, ZIKAction Consortium


    There is growing evidence of the benefits of mobile health technology, which include symptom tracking apps for research, surveillance, and prevention. No study has yet addressed arbovirus symptom tracking in pregnancy

    Published in JMIR Formative Research

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    Severity and Outcomes of Dengue in Hospitalized Jamaican Children in 2018-2019 during an Epidemic Surge in the Americas

    A Lue, M Richards-Dawson,
    G Gordon-Strachan, S Kodilinye, J
    Dunkley-Thompson, T James-Powell, C Pryce, C Mears,
    J Anzinger, K Webster-Kerr and C Christie


    In 2019, dengue was among the “top-ten threats to global health,” with 3.1 million cases reported from the Americas, the highest ever. Simultaneously, Jamaica reported its largest dengue outbreak in 40 years, following Chikungunya and Zika virus epidemics, in 2014 and 2016–2017, respectively. We describe dengue in children admitted to five hospitals in Jamaica during August 2018 through September 2019.

    Published in Frontiers in Medicine

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